About me:

I am a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, where I have the honor and pleasure of being advised by Ariel Procaccia.

My current research is in the field of computational social choice, i.e., I search for algorithms that reconcile differing preferences in a way that provably ensures good outcomes. Among other things, I am thinking about how to improve sortition, liquid democracy, participatory budgeting, and the distribution of migrants over host countries.

Before coming to CMU, I earned my undergraduate degree at Saarland University in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. There, I was fortunate to work with Bernd Finkbeiner on reactive synthesis.


pgoelz at cs dot cmu dot edu
Mail address:
Paul Goelz
5000 Forbes Avenue
Computer Science Department, GHC 6105
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
Gates 6211


Paradoxes in fair machine learning.
Paul Gölz, Anson Kahng, and Ariel Procaccia.
Under review.
No stratification without representation.
Gerdus Benadè, Paul Gölz, and Ariel Procaccia.
Migration as submodular optimization.
Paul Gölz and Ariel Procaccia.
The fluid mechanics of liquid democracy.
Paul Gölz, Anson Kahng, Simon Mackenzie, and Ariel Procaccia.
Synthesis in distributed environments.
Bernd Finkbeiner and Paul Gölz.
Synthesis for Petri games with one system player.
Paul Gölz.
Undergraduate thesis, 2017.

Teaching experience:

Taught by Bernd Finkbeiner, Fall 2016.
Programming 1.
Taught by Gert Smolka, Fall 2015.